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There are a number of Government and General Orders dealing with the tours in addition to those giving short accounts. Each intended tour was announced by an Order making arrangements for conducting Government business during the Governor's absence. Unless otherwise stated, the date given is that of both the Order and of the Sydney Gazette.
First Inspection of the Interior, 1810.
3 November 1810.

Tour to Van Diemen's Land, 1811.
26 October 1811.

Tour to the New Discovered Country, April 1815.
22 April 1815.

Tour to the Cow Pastures, October 1815.
7 October 1815.

Tour to Newcastle, 1818.
13 June 1818.

Tour to the Western and Southern Countries, 1820.
21 October 1820.

Tour to Van Diemen's Land,1821.
7 April 1821.

Tour to the Northern Settlements, 1821.
27 October 1821.

[Governor Brisbane's administration began 1 December 1821.]

The following Government and General Orders give considerable information on tours:

9 December 1815.
This was published after the Governor had returned from his second tour of the Cow Pasture District and the settled districts. It reviews the state of agriculture and grazing and urges the settlers to improve their methods and standard of living.

26 December 1818.
Government and General Order dated 24th Dec. 1818.
An appreciation of Captain James Wallis, 46th Regiment, on the occasion of his being replaced as Commandant at Newcastle by Captain James Morrisset, 48th Regiment. The appreciation includes an account of improvements at Newcastle during the administration of Captain Wallis. The Governor had seen these on his tour to Newcastle in 1818.

25 November, 2 December, 9 December 1820.
In these three issues appears a Government and General Order dated 25 November 1820, briefly reporting on the tour to the western and southern countries, 1820 and declaring land open for stockholders between the Cow Pastures and Cookbundoon Range. A General Order dated 9 December extending this area to the country southwest of the Range, i.e. the Breadalbane and Goulburn Plains, was published in the Sydney Gazette 9 December 16 December and 23 December 1820.

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