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Lachlan Macquarie published in the Sydney Gazette, Government and General Orders giving short accounts of his tours to the Cowpastures (1810), Van Diemen's Land (1811), Bathurst (1815) Van Diemen's Land (1821), and Port Macquarie and Newcastle (1821). The General Orders describing the tours to the first three of these tours were also transmitted to the Colonial Office as enclosures to Despatches.
Tour 1.
First Inspection of the Interior 1810.

Government and General Order: 15 December 1810
Sydney Gazette 15 December 1810, p.1.
Tour 2. Tour to Van Diemen's Land 1811.
Three Government and General Orders: 6 January 1812.
Sydney Gazette 11 January 1812, pp. 1-2.

i. Order announcing return and thanking Lieutenant-Governor O'Connell.
ii. Order announcing appointments in Van Diemen's Land.
iii. Account of tour to Van Diemen's Land, Port Stephens and Newcastle.

Tour 3.
Tour to the New Discovered Country, April 1815.

Government and General Order: 10 June 1815.
Sydney Gazette 10 June 1815 [pp. 1-2] and Supplement to the Sydney Gazette 8 July 1815.
As soon as this account had had time to reach England it excited public interest and was published in:
The Naval Chronicle, vol. XXXV, Jan.-June 1816, pp. 105-112;
The Colonial Journal, vol. 1, Jan.-July, 1816, pp. 69-76;
New Monthly Magazine and Universal Register, vol. V, Jan.-June, 1816, No. 25, Feb. 1, 1816, pp. 14-19.
Tour 7. Tour to Van Diemen's Land, 1821.
Government and General Order: 16 July, 1821.
Sydney Gazette 21 July 1821.
This order is repeated in the Sydney Gazette 28 July and 4 August.
Tour 8. Tour to the Northern Settlements, November 1821.
Government and General Order: 24 November 1821.
Sydney Gazette 24 November 1821.
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