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News items refer to the departure and return of the Governor from tours and give the latest reports of his activities while away from Sydney. There are also paragraphs giving news of short visits to "the interior", that is the County of Cumberland and especially Windsor, and of a visit to the Hawkesbury and Pittwater returning by sea. No journals of these tours are known.

News in the Sydney Gazette was "official" as the paper was used as a Government Gazette. All news items merely reporting departure and return or brief reports of activities are not listed here. The following notes include items giving fuller information or mentioning tours, of which there are no journals:

First Inspection of the Interior, Appendix January 1811. Sydney Gazette 12 Jan.1811. Departure from Sydney to inspect "the several Sites marked out for the different Townships . . ."

During 1811 Macquarie twice again visited the Hawkesbury District.
[See Sydney Gazette 4 May, 1811 and 31 August 1811].

After his return from Van Diemen's Land he was at Windsor in July 1812.
[See Sydney Gazette 11 July 1812].

In September and October he made quite an extensive tour in the County of Cumberland including Windsor.
[See Sydney Gazette 19 Sept. 1812]:
"His Excellency the Governor and His Lady, returned to Town on Tuesday from an agreeable Excursion through the various Agricultural Settlements and Townships . . ." Mrs. Macquarie accompanied the Governor on each of these four tours.

From Wednesday 21 February to Monday 26 February 1816, Macquarie made a tour from Sydney to Windsor returning down the Hawkesbury and round by sea to Sydney. His departure is announced in the Sydney Gazette for 24 Feb. 1816 and his return in the issue for 2 March 1816:
"On Monday evening His Excellency,the Governor arrived in the Cove on board His Majesty's brig Lady Nelson having explored the whole of the Hawkesbury River and Broken Bay, including Pitt Water, Marra Mahar Creek, and the upper and lower branches of the river. . ."
Tour to Newcastle.
[SeeSydney Gazette 1 Aug. 1818]. News paragraph of departure with an account of the object of the expedition:

"On Monday last,the 27th ult. His Excellency the Governor, and Mrs. Macquarie, and Staff, embarked on the Government Brig, Elizabeth Henrietta for the Settlement of Newcastle, on Hunter's River . . . With that solicitude for the advancement of all the subordinate Settlements, which His Excellency has uniformly manifested, we understand the object of the present visit is to ascertain the general resources and capabilities of the place and to adopt such improvements as will render Newcastle progressively valuable to the parent Settlement. Mr. Meehan, the Deputy Surveyor of Lands, attends His Excellency on this occasion.

An arrangement, necessary for the establishment of regular Religious Worship, is also an object of the present expedition; for which purpose the Reverend Mr. Cowper attends His Excellency; and we have no doubt but in a little time, the Settlement on Hunter's River will acquire considerable local importance."

From 1st March to 8 March 1821 Macquarie made a short visit to Windsor.
[See Sydney Gazette 3 March, 1821, departure, and 10th March 1821, return].

From 4 April to 12 July 1821 Macquarie made a voyage and tour in Van Diemen's Land (7)]. After his return he visited the "Interior" twice during the month of August.
[See Sydney Gazette 4 August and 11 August 1821]. He was accompanied by Mrs. Macquarie on both occasions.

On 4 January 1822 Macquarie and Brisbane were at Windsor.
[See Sydney Gazette 18 January 1822].
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