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Grants, Awards, Promotion

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The main support for grant applications, award applications, and promotion applications is undertaken by Faculties. Please contact your Associate Dean (Learning & Teaching) or Directors in Learning & Teaching for support in writing your application.

For further information contact:

Barb McLean
Ph: 02 9850 9957

The LTC provides occasional support and workshops related to grants, awards and promotions.  Please see our workshop program for further details. There are also several resources throughout the LTC web site that you may find helpful - click on the "resources" links on the left.


Macquarie University plays an active role in encouraging excellence in learning and teaching. One of the ways staff are encouraged to enhance learning and teaching is through the award of grants. Staff are also encouraged to apply for national grants offered by the Australian Learning & Teaching Council (ALTC). The Strategic Learning and Teaching website provides administrative procedures and guidelines.


Macquarie University values excellence in learning and teaching. Staff are encouraged to apply for awards at the faculty, university and national level. The Strategic Learning and Teaching website provides administrative procedures and guidelines.

Listen to some of Macquarie's award winners talk about their teaching and how they engage students:

There are more videos to help you successfully apply for Teaching Awards.

Academic Promotion

Academic Staff can be promoted on merit, which may be based on the quality and impact of activities such as:

  • formal qualifications or progress towards the qualifications;
  • achievement in scholarship and research and/or professional consultancy activities;
  • experience and achievement in teaching and/or curriculum development;
  • contribution to institutional planning and/or governance; and
  • service to the University, relevant profession and/or academic discipline and your relevant contributions to the wider community.

Evaluation Criteria for Promotion

Other Resources on Academic Promotion

Writing a Discipline report for Academic Promotion: A Resource for Heads of Department [PDF - 180k]
This resource aims to provide you with some guidelines for writing a succinct and informative Discipline Report. The Discipline Report is not a reference for the applicant; rather, it summarises your assessment of the applicant's performance in relation to discipline-specific expectations. Its purpose is to assist Promotion Committees in understanding the applicant's disciplinary context and in assessing their case for promotion.

View a Powerpoint presentation [548k] from an information session for applicants, presented by Lisa Jessup, Ian Solomonides, Kate Wilson and colleagues in March 2010.

Listen to experts on how to prepare your applications. These audio files will open in new windows so that you can listen while continuing to browse the web site.  (Please note – the speakers and transcripts sometimes refer to the ‘discipline profile’.  Once a formal document, this is now defunct but can be thought of as a description of the expected scope and focus of your University work relative to the context of your discipline.  This is now replaced by the ‘Discipline Report’ prepared by the Head of Department or colleague with suitable knowledge of the discipline.)

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