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Tele’s Angels’ Ancient History Learning community – Tele-Vision!

Posted by Jayde Cahir on May 20th, 2011

A message from Ronika Power of Tele’s Angels.

Check out the latest addition to Tele’s Angels’ Ancient History Learning community – Tele-Vision!

Tele-Vision is an online learning channel which offers video broadcasts of our on-campus service events, as well as custom-made tutorials and other special programs. In conjunction with other online resources available on our website , we hope Tele-Vision will further engage students with our learning community and enhance their enjoyment and success of studying Ancient History.

We wanted a special item as the first upload onto the channel so… in December 2010, we interviewed our patron, Emeritus Professor Edwin Judge, about his experiences as a first-year student. It was an amazing experience and will hopefully be the first in a series of interviews in Teles’ Angels Teachers as Students project – keep an eye out for further editions!

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