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Writing Groups

Posted by Jayde Cahir on April 12th, 2011

The Chronicle of Higher Education recently published an article called ‘The Rules of Writing Group’ by Claire P. Curtis. In this article Associate Professor Curtis outlines how their writing group was formed and her experience over the last five years. From this experience she explains ‘the rules’ that have made the writing group so successful. As she says:

‘From that initial dejection, four books and multiple articles have been written and published. An additional child has been born. All three of us have been granted tenure. And we all now remember why we like to write and why we entered a career that asked us not simply to explain interesting ideas to others, but to be a part of that interesting conversation.

How did we go from despair to success?

Simply being in a writing group is not enough. The act of forming a group will not produce one that actually works, providing the right kind of motivation, support, and intellectual quality. Overcoming despair meant finding the right structure for our writing group. We have found it and thought we would share it with others’.

If you are interested in setting up a writing group, reading this article is a good place to start!

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