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Virtual Archaeology and Learning by Design

Posted by tomkerr on January 31st, 2011

Virtual archaeology is a relatively recent discipline where 3D graphic software is used to construct a representation of an archaeological site, usually for educational purposes. Until the advent of easily accessible and cheap 3D software, the field was mainly the domain of
Hollywood, where CGI experts were employed to create accurate representations of historical scenes [...]

iPads – the new pen and paper?

Posted by Jayde Cahir on January 31st, 2011

Digital Life published an article ‘The three Rs get rad with an iPad’ that stated ‘iPads can be distributed by schools under its digital education revolution program … schools are expanding the use of new technologies in classrooms, rolling out iPads to help teachers and students with learning’.
Recently the LTC conducted an iPad trial. Our [...]

PDF Accessibility

Posted by Tony Dwyer on January 24th, 2011

This subject seems to pop up quite regularly at any forum related to web accessibility / usability. While there are some vision impaired users who believe that PDFs are accessible if done with care, there are others who believe that until PDFs are reliably accessible they should be avoided, or at the very least [...]

Diseases of the thesis

Posted by Jayde Cahir on January 24th, 2011

This title is borrowed from Chris Fleming’s article in Australian University Review, which offers an apt explanation of writing a thesis. While there seems to be an abundance of literature surrounding ‘how to’ write a PhD thesis, ‘Diseases of the thesis’ focuses on the human side and outlines a list of six diseases that anyone [...]

Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses

Posted by Jayde Cahir on January 20th, 2011

Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses was released Tuesday by the University of Chicago Press and has since caused considerable debate. This book cites data from student surveys and transcript analysis to show that many college students have minimal class work expectations. It then tracks the academic gains (or stagnation) of 2,300 students of traditional [...]

Discovery Projects

Posted by Jayde Cahir on January 18th, 2011

The Australian Research Council’s Discovery Projects scheme provides funding for research projects that can be undertaken by individual researchers or research teams.
The objectives of the Discovery Projects scheme are to:

support excellent basic and applied research by individuals and teams
enhance the scale and focus of research in the National Research Priorities
expand Australia’s knowledge base and research [...]


Posted by Jayde Cahir on January 10th, 2011

In his article ‘Mentoring Teaching Assistants’, published in Inside Higher Ed today, Professor Samuel Gorovitz reflects upon his own experience in academia, specifically his first assignment as a teaching assistant. At the time, he received no training or supervision. He discussed this with the other first-year teaching assistants, and learned that their situations were the [...]

Audio Conference

Posted by Jayde Cahir on January 6th, 2011

Published in Inside Higher Ed today is an invitation to register for an audio conference called ‘Engaging Educators in Meaningful Assessment: A Collaboratively Designed Problem-based Approach’ with Peggy Maki.
The audio conference will cover:
• Perspectives on national assessment issues
• Proposed responses to national trends— some missing elements in the assessment process.
• Elements of a collaborative, problem-based [...]