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Calling all Early Career Academics

Posted by Jayde Cahir on May 18th, 2011

Do you aspire to work in academia?
Or are you an early career academic?
We want to hear from you!
A research team from Macquarie University, University of Queensland and Giffith University are investigating the experiences, career aspirations and expectations of early career academics and those aspiring to academic roles.
Our definition of ‘early career academic’ is an inclusive [...]

Supporting new academics through blended delivery

Posted by Elaine Huber on August 27th, 2010

An innovative Teaching Induction Program (TIP) aimed at enhancing the student experience has been running in the Faculty of Business and Economics for the past two years. TIP introduces new staff to the principles of tertiary learning and teaching via a blended mode of delivery (both face-to-face and online sessions) and provides ongoing support on a faculty basis. The [...]

The Big Lie

Posted by Agnes Bosanquet on April 22nd, 2010

In a follow-up to Graduate School in the Humanities: Just Don’t Go – you can read the LTC blog response – Thomas H. Benton takes aim at the belief that education brings opportunity in The Big Lie About the Life of the Mind:
Graduate school in the humanities is about the implicit promise of [...]

10 things sessional staff want

Posted by Agnes Bosanquet on February 4th, 2010

Check out the findings from the LTC’s Sessional Staff Forum.  Here are 10 things sessional staff want:
1. Paid training opportunities
2. Academic mentoring
3. Commensurate remuneration and superannuation (to put it simply: sessional staff want to be paid for the hours they actually work)
4. Improved payroll processes
5. Lifting of working restrictions (e.g. limit of 8 working hours [...]

Welcome to the crisis

Posted by Agnes Bosanquet on December 18th, 2009

Tammi Jonas (previously mentioned in this blog in relation to 10 things postgrads want) has written this article in New Matilda: The Crisis in Education Isn’t Looming, It’s Here.
As a generation of the academic workforce approaches retirement and the emerging workforce is disenfranchised, speculation about a “looming crisis” belies the crisis that is already upon [...]

“Why academia is no longer a smart choice”

Posted by Agnes Bosanquet on November 25th, 2009

Why Academia is No Longer a Smart Choice – this article in New Matilda by Melissa Gregg is a thought-provoking read that has stimulated a lot of discussion.  Here’s an extract:
The past 10 years has seen an escalation of requirements for entry-level jobs so great that starting positions aren’t even advertised … A book, multiple [...]

Sessional staff forum- Wed 11, Nov 12-2, E6A116

Posted by Agnes Bosanquet on November 10th, 2009

If you’re a Tutor, Casual Lecturer, Lab Demonstrator or Academic Staff member on a short-term or casual contract, we would like to hear your views.
Sessional staff members at Macquarie are warmly invited to attend a Sessional Staff Forum.
This forum is part of a research project designed to improve support mechanisms for Sessional Staff at Macquarie. [...]