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Learning and Teaching Week - Parallel Session: Nano Session 4



Learning and Teaching Week 2015

Assessment for Learning rather than Assessment of Learning in Economics
Prashan Karunaratne

An economics lecturer utilised the principles of economics namely, scarcity, to develop an economics curricula based on “threshold concepts” to achieve the learning outcomes of a unit. This approach structures the assessment so that they are based on assessment for learning rather than assessment of learning in economics.


A phenomenographic study of students’ perceptions of learning accounting
Nicholas McGuigan

This presentation aims to discuss the preliminary findings of a phenomenographic research study that looks at students’ perceptions of learning. The findings show that students’ preconceptions present themselves often within two very distinct worlds, that of learnt and that of lived. These worlds will be explored through a Contextual Relational Framework.


Connecting the Student Experience through Visual Imagery
Nicholas McGuigan

This presentation aims to explore the power of visual imagery to connect the student learning experience. By designing learning resources that combines the visual with reflective practice this connection occurs in varying ways. Student and staff data collected over three cohorts will aim to illustrate this.


Your Own Academic Team - a Challenge when Transforming a Syllabus around Threshold Concepts
Prashan Karunaratne

Academic staff, through their teaching experience, continue to revert to old teaching styles and practices even when a curriculum is transformed. This may either be conscious or sub-conscious, the inherent problem being that staff may be used to doing things in a certain way. This presentation discusses the challenges experienced in a unit at Macquarie University when trying to get the academic team "on board".

Chairs: Nicholas McGuigan/Prashan Karunaratne

Who should attend: All welcome
Date: Wednesday 16th September 2015
Time: 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM
Convenor(s): Learning and Teaching Centre - (LTC)
Venue: E5A180
Facilitator(s): See above
Enquiries: Liz Shoostovian

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