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Learning and Teaching Week - Parallel Session, Workshop: Using the Moodle Engagement Analytics Plug (MEAP) to Identify Students At Risk



Learning and Teaching Week 2015

Using the Moodle Engagement Analystics Plug (MEAP) to Identify Students At Risk

Jean-Christophe Froissard, Dr Danny Liu, Prof Deborah Richards, Amara Atif

This 60 minute workshop aims to give participants an understanding of how simple learning analytics within iLearn can help unit convenors and student support staff, identify students who are becoming disengaged in their unit. It will focus on the practical application of a learning analytics tool that could be used to improve unit completion rates.

Who should attend: All welcome
Date: Tuesday 15th September 2015
Time: 3:45 PM to 4:45 PM
Convenor(s): Mr. Chris Froissard
Venue: E4B102
Facilitator(s): Mr.Chris Froissard
Enquiries: Chris Froissard

This workshop has run already.

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