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Learning and Teaching Week Collaborative Innovation: digital transformation through stronger human networks- Keynote by Ms Pia Waugh



Learning and Teaching Week 2015


Challenges faced by organisations today are more complex than just the need to operate in an environment of dwindling money and resources. The rapid change of technology affords great opportunity but is a source of new demands especially as the expectations of users grow.

Pia Waugh draws on her experience as a champion of openness in software, knowledge, standards and governance to propose open and collaborative approaches as the best way to meet these challenges. As organisations learn to build on the shoulders of giants rather than continually reinvent the world, collaboration and multidisciplinary approach to problem solving become essential. Graduates need to be prepared to work in a world where collaboration across teams and organisations will be expected and problems will be solved by reaching beyond the individual workplace to a world of highly empowered expertise and skills.

Pia will examine the importance of learning to build on the shoulders of giants rather than continually reinventing the world and how to collaborate more effectively by aligning common motivations. The talk will also consider the importance of designing systems and information in a modular way so others can build on this knowledge and innovate. Modern universities must play a key role in this connected and collaborative future. Not only by creating and sharing new knowledge but by creating graduates who have the skills, creativity, attitudes and values to share and collaborate across disciplines, organisations and the world.

Chair: James Hamilton

Who should attend: All welcome
Date: Tuesday 15th September 2015
Time: 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM
Convenor(s): Learning and Teaching Centre - (LTC)
Venue: C5CForum
Facilitator(s): See above
Enquiries: Liz Shoostovian

This workshop has run already.

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