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Learning and Teaching Week - Parallel Session - Mixed Session



Learning and Teaching Week 2015

Opening Real Science: Embedding Learning Designs for Authentic Science Learning in Teacher Education
Scarlet An, Dr Katherine Stewart

The presentation will showcase learning designs within Moodle modules developed to teach pre-service teachers, science and mathematics using ORS design principles. Activities, assessments, scaffolding learning for learner experience will form part of the discussion.

CR3 - a new model of the flipped classroom
Dr Marcus Rodrigs - University of Newcastle

The presentation will demonstrate a new teaching model developed to enable students to take responsibility for their own learning.  The CR3 model involves Concepts, Revision, Reflection and Reinforcement – these will be demonstrated in the presentation.

Enhancing student engagement through flipping: A case study in Australian History
Dr Tanya Evans

This paper will report on the findings of a FOA funded learning and teaching project exploring the application of flipped classroom models to teaching and learning.  The key research question is: Does the flipped delivery mode actually improve student engagement?

Seeing the wood and the trees: Enhancing student learning by connecting assessment across units
A/Prof Leonie Tickle

This demonstration reports on an initiative whereby the major assignments in three concurrently-offered units are coordinated so that all are components of a single overarching, real-world project. By encouraging and enabling connections of various types - between concepts across units, between theory and practice, between academic convenors, and between academia and industry - the initiative enhances the student learning experience. The demonstration will showcase the teaching tools used and report student feedback.

A Relevant Economics Curriculum for a Dynamic World - Moving from Content to Concepts
Prashan Karunaratne

The first-year economics curriculum at Macquarie University is undergoing a transformation to cater to a diverse student audience, and to cater to the future dynamic career paths of our students. The literature on threshold concepts has guided the transformation of the economics curricula; through a meta-analysis of the literature of threshold concepts in economics, to date the author has systematically addressed every stage of the curriculum cycle. The transformation of the curriculum has resulted in a significant improvement in both the LEU responses as well as the overall grade distribution of the cohort.

Chair: Dr Tanya Rose

Who should attend: All welcome
Date: Monday 14th September 2015
Time: 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM
Convenor(s): Learning and Teaching Centre - (LTC)
Venue: E5A150
Facilitator(s): See above
Enquiries: Liz Shoostovian

This workshop has run already.

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