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Learning and Teaching Week - Keynote and Panel: Wearable Technologies and Education - Preparing for a hyper-connected future



Learning and Teaching Week 2015


By providing users with hands-free access to contextually relevant information, wearable technologies are poised to inspire a new generation of mobile learning design. However, in order for teachers and learning designers to harness the pedagogical opportunities of wearable technologies it is crucial for them to develop an understanding of their potentials. This symposium helps to prepare educators for the hyper-connected future of wearable technologies through the following three sessions:

  1. A keynote by industry expert Rob Manson that explains the current state of wearable technologies and The Internet of Things, as well as emergent trends in these fields
  2. A panel session promoting open discussion of the pedagogical opportunities that wearable technologies offer to educators and learners
  3. A session where participants have the chance to try out a range of wearable technologies for themselves, including Google Glass, the Oculus Rift based Gear VR, the Muse Brain Sensing Headband and the Apple Watch.

Keynote Bio:

Rob Manson is CEO & co-founder of the Augmented Reality Content Management System.  Rob is an Invited Expert with the W3C and Chair of their Augmented Web Community Group.  He is also one of the co-founders of and an active evangelist within the global AR & standards communities.  Rob is regularly invited to speak on the topics of AR, continuous & blended user experiences, multi-device & mobile platforms and the future of the web.

Panel: Rob Manson, Ian Aitken (Head of professional services at Samsung), Prof Sherman Young

Chair: Dr Matt Bower

Who should attend: All welcome
Date: Thursday 17th September 2015
Time: 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Convenor(s): Learning and Teaching Centre - (LTC)
Venue: C5CForum
Facilitator(s): Mr.Rob Manson
Enquiries: Liz Shoostovian

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