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Unit Convenor Community of Practice (CoP)



Unit Convenors perform a vital role in ensuring that Macquarie offers high quality, pedagogically sound and policy-compliant units in its programs.  This is a “grass-roots” leadership and management role that has been under-recognised and often poorly supported relative to its importance to student experience and learning.  This Community of Practice offers an opportunity for staff to build their capacity and confidence in the Unit Convenor role by sharing their experiences and knowledge of convening in an increasingly complex, diverse, technologically rich, policy-governed and standards-based teaching environment.

Lunch will be provided

Who should attend: Unit Convenors, both new and experienced
Date: Thursday 30th April 2015
Time: 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
Convenor(s): Ms. Cathy Rytmeister
Venue: E6A116
Facilitator(s): Ms.Cathy Rytmeister
Enquiries: Cathy Rytmeister

This workshop has run already.

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