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Learning Technologies Webinar Series: Lucky Dip



How adventurous are you feeling? Want to take a small step beyond what iLearn provides? There are many simple web-based tools that can be used to add further inter/activity into online spaces. There are numerous others that can help in preparing materials for sharing there. Many of these require no password, no software download and installation. In this webinar we'll briefly introduce a number of such "Web 2.0" tools that may appeal: A collaborative writing space. A brainstorm tool. A tag cloud generator. And so-on: a range of functions that -used well- could make you online spaces richer and more motivating. We'll then pause to consider factors that would influence some of the 'which and whether' in relation to using such services. There'll also be opportunity for others to share some of their own favourites.


Who should attend: All welcome
Date: Tuesday 16th September 2014
Time: 12:30 PM to 1:00 PM
Convenor(s): Mr. Chris Froissard
Facilitator(s): Mr.James Meek
Enquiries: Chris Froissard

This workshop has run already.

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