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Learning Technologies Webinar Series: Using Google Drive for Collaboration



Students these days have competing schedules due to being enrolled full-time in a course and having a full-time job. This makes group assignments a time-consuming task, and in many cases, group work and collaboration does not occur in an optimal way. Research has discussed the case for wikis as collaborative learning tools in education, and some has explicitly focused on the use of wikis in completing group projects. However, the use of Google Drive in a tertiary educational setting remains largely unexplored in the literature; even though the collaborative features of wikis and Google Docs are relatively comparable. In this regard, Jorge Reyna shows us how to use Google Drive to improve group assignments. It allows students to interact and collaborate online, thus enhancing their learning experience. Jorge will present three different scenarios in order to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of including Google Drive at University level.

Who should attend: All welcome
Date: Tuesday 2nd September 2014
Time: 12:30 PM to 1:00 PM
Convenor(s): Mr. Chris Froissard
Facilitator(s): Mr.Jorge Reyna
Enquiries: Chris Froissard

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