Macquarie University Big History Scholarships

About the scholarships

The Big History Scholarships are partial international scholarships (25% of tuition fees for up to 4 years) available to international students who apply for an undergraduate course at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia.

Each year four meritorious students are awarded these scholarships based on their academic performance and statement of purpose.

The scholarships are open to international students who complete* the Big History: Connecting Knowledge MOOC available through the COURSERA® platform.

Whether you are just starting the MOOC, or have already completed the MOOC, register your interest in the scholarships now so we can tell you more.

Big History

Big History connects knowledge across disciplines to understand our universe and our world. The Big History Institute is a community of students and scholars that allows you to stay in touch with exciting new developments in Big History. Student membership is free and includes:

  • Threshold Nine - a monthly newsletter including a list of must-read news articles and blogs

  • Invitations to attend Macquarie University special events and guest lectures

  • Updates on admission and pathway opportunities at Macquarie University

Register your interest

* You will need to supply a course certificate verifying your completion of the Big History: Connecting Knowledge MOOC on COURSERA®.

Photo: NASA Earth Observatory image by Robert Simmon, using Suomi NPP VIIRS data provided courtesy of Chris Elvidge (NOAA National Geophysical Data Center). Suomi NPP is the result of a partnership between NASA, NOAA and the Department of Defense.