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UNITS is the online repository for Macquarie University Unit Guides. UNITS enables unit convenors to write and publish Unit Guides, and map units against the University's requirements for graduate capabilities. Published unit guides are available to the public.

UNITS is located at Log in using your OneID.

UNITS Enquiries and Help:

Email:,, or log a OneHelp ticket.

Find answers to frequently asked questions about UNITS

UNITS Overview: Key Functions

The links in the Quick Guides column go to web page versions of the guides. Click on the PDF icon if you wish to download a PDF version for printing. We also have how-to videos.

Who? Action Quick Guides
All staff Log in and view unit guides
Unit convenors and other assigned staff Enter information into a unit guide
  Enter curriculum mapping for your unit
  Merge two unit offerings if they share a unit guide
  Clone or copy from another unit guide
  Submit  your unit guide for approval, and publish it
  Add or move sections
Heads of Department or administrators ('Department Managers') Assign staff to units
  Review and Approve unit guides
  Edit your department's interpretations of graduate capabilities  
  Add or remove managers for your department  
Program convenors Use Curriculum Mapping Reports to check graduate capability coverage across your program

Unit Convenors: What Do I Need to Consider?

You should be aware of the requirements of the University's Unit Guide Policy. The unit guide policy requirements are outlined here.

You should also consider what information belongs in UNITS and what is best delivered through iLearn. This guide about UNITS and iLearn may help.

Information about the University's Graduate Capabilities is available here.

Permissions in UNITS

Unit Guide Status Who can change the Unit Guide? Who can see the Unit Guide?
Draft, no-one assigned HoD only All staff
Draft, convenor assigned Convenor and other unit staff All staff
Submitted for approval No-one All staff
Draft (if rejected by HoD) Convenor and other unit staff All staff
Approved No-one All staff
Published No-one Staff, students, general public
Published, but with another draft created Published version - No one
Draft version - Convenor and other staff
Published version - Staff, students and general public
Draft version - All staff

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