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Information Technology Policies and Guidelines

There are rules governing the use of computer facilities at Macquarie University. Please take the time to read these:

You can read about other policies related to Information Technology.

Note that:

  • your individual account is intended for your use only;
  • you are given access to the site for the purpose of studying;
  • all material is copyrighted to Macquarie University except where an overriding statement or claim is explicitly made.

Confidentiality and Privacy

iLearn is run by the Learning and Teaching Centre (LTC). The purpose of iLearn is to enhance your learning experience at the University by enabling you to engage in coursework and to interact with the teaching staff in your unit and other students online.


The University has put in place security measures to ensure the confidentiality of iLearn and to ensure that your personal information is protected against loss, unauthorised access, use, modification and disclosure.

You can only access a unit which is hosted on iLearn, by entering in your student identification number and password. Your password is confidential. No one has access to your password but you and for security reasons, you should not provide your password to anyone else.

You must not use any online teaching materials on iLearn for purposes other than your own studies. You must not copy or disclose elsewhere, teaching materials or the content of dialogues or discussions that you see or participate in as a result of your access to iLearn. If you do so, you may be in breach of University policy and/or copyright and other laws.


What personal information does iLearn hold?

The University collects personal information from you when you enrol at the University and throughout your time as a student (for example when you re enrol each year). Your enrolment information is entered into a student database so that the University can administer your participation in the courses you are accepted into and so that you may access associated services of the University.

When you enrol in units which are offered in iLearn, your information collected upon enrolment, (such as your name, student number, course and units of study and date of birth) is provided from the student database to iTeach. The unit convenor for the unit you have enrolled in, selects your details from iTeach and transfers them to the iLearn database. This means that when you first access your unit in iLearn, it recognises who you are. You are only able to access units in iLearn that you are enrolled in.

Automatic collection of your information

The server logs on iLearn automatically log your presence when you access an iLearn site, including the location from which you accessed the site, the time and duration of your access and the material you accessed.

Other systems offered through iLearn, such as Echo360 and Turnitin, which are systems provided by third parties to the University, automatically log your presence, when you use those services.

Who can use and access your personal information?

Other Students

Other students enrolled in the unit that you are enrolled in can see your full name (as provided by you upon enrolment with the University), the time and date of your access in iLearn.

If you choose to customise your profile, for example, by uploading a photograph of yourself, other students in your unit will be able to see it. You must take responsibility for your profile by ensuring that it is appropriate at all times and that it adheres to student guide for netiquette on the iLearn site. You may only customise your own profile.

If you use functions available in iLearn to communicate with others, your conversations will be seen by other students in the unit. For example, if you use discussion forums, your posts will be visible to other students in your unit. If you participate in a workshop, your conversation will be visible to all others involved in that workshop. However if you use the dialogue function and you communicate with other students or teaching staff (for example, the tutor, unit convenor or lecturer), your conversation is visible only by that person. The record of your conversation may be accessed by an authorised administrative staff member of the University for administrative purposes.

If you access systems which are provided through iLearn, for example, Turnitin or Echo360 and you post notes or discussions online through those services, your comments may be available to those who have access to that service, including the third party service providers who enable the system.

Teaching staff

The teaching staff involved in your unit, such as the tutor and lecturer, can see and participate in the available discussion forums on iLearn with you.

Unit convenor

The unit convenor is able to access the server logs on iLearn to see how you use the teaching material in your online unit. This information includes your first and last log in, how much of the course material you have looked at, how many discussion messages you have posted and read, and whether you have read your dialogue messages. Other students and teaching staff cannot see that information. In addition, some summarised information collected on the iLearn server logs may be available to your unit convenor after the examination periods.

Systems and Support staff

Authorised Learning and Teaching Centre (LTC) staff, administrative staff of the University and assisting IT support personnel may access iLearn from time to time to provide specific IT support or for operational or administrative purposes. The unit convenor has full knowledge of their presence however you will not know that they are there.

In the process of administering the iLearn system, your information on iLearn may be used by:

  • Educational developers or designers for the purposes of supporting staff to organise the unit;
  • Departmental administrators for the purposes of supporting staff to organise the unit and assist with student enquiries;
  • Technical and help-desk support personnel to assist students and staff with technical difficulties; and
  • LTC administrators to ensure technical systems are running smoothly.
  • Deans and Heads of Department and authorised LTC staff
  • The Deans, Heads of Department and authorised LTC staff may use the information about you which is automatically collected on the iLearn server log for the purposes of identifying reported access difficulties, improving server performance and tracing any breaches of security or University codes of conduct or policy.

Authorised LTC staff also use the information automatically collected by iLearn to produce statistical analysis (on a de-identified basis) on access times and locations and for other patterns of use.

Disclosure of your personal information

Your personal information may be disclosed to IT contract service providers employed by the University for the purposes of administering the iLearn site, to the iLearn host administrators external to the University and to other service providers who offer functions through iLearn. For example, when you access Turnitin, iLearn automatically sends your full name and email address to the service provider who administers Turnitin. The University will not otherwise disclose your personal information held in iLearn without your consent, except as required or authorised by law.

Contact details

If you wish to correct your personal information on iLearn, or if you have any concerns or questions about the information we hold about you, your privacy, security or confidentiality contact: 

  • your unit convenor;
  • the Manager of Learning Systems and Services in the Learning and Teaching Centre; or
  • the Privacy Officer of the University at

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