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iTeach - Assigning staff to work on a unit guide and iLearn space

Department Managers must assign Unit convenors to work on Unit guides and iLearn spaces via iTeach. Staff will then need to be notified when this has been done as iTeach will not do this automatically. Convenors should be notified of their responsibilities 6 – 8 weeks before the start of each study period.

Once notified, Convenors work on the creation of the unit guide, which is then sent to the Department Manager for approval, and the activation of their ilLearn space to which they have been assigned. On activation of the iLearn space Unit convenors can build their online content. If convenors have been building content in a development iLearn space, they will be able to copy all content into the teaching instances of their online unit.

To assign staff to work on a unit guide and iLearn space:

  1. Go to iTeach and enter your MQ OneID and Password.
  2. Under My department select your department and click Allocate staff.
    step 2
  3. Your department home page will appear. You will need to select the study period that you are allocating staff for.
    step 3
    step 3
  4. Once the correct study period has been selected a list of all the units that you are the Department Manager of will appear.
  5. Locate the Unit that you wish to assign a convenor to.
    list of units to choose from
  6. In the Unit convenor field next to your chosen unit, add the name of the convenor you would like to assign to work on the unit guide and iLearn space for that unit. The system will try to predict the staff member you are trying to add. Once you find the right person, select by clicking on their name. Adding the name once here, automatically assigns the convenor to work on both the unit guide and iLearn space.
    step 6
  7. If you need to assign different staff to convene a unit guide and iLearn space click on the black plus signicon to be able to do so.
    steps 8 and 9
  8. The assigned convenors will now have access to their allocated unit guide and iLearn space via their iTeach but it is important to notify them separately that they have been assigned these responsibilities as iTeach will not send emails automatically.
  9. If required, you can select a Second contact who is an additional convenor on the unit.

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