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The Announcements tool can be used to communicate with all students in a unit.

To create an announcement:

  1. Click Announcements in Topic 0.

    graphic showing step 1

  2. Click Add a new topic.
    graphic showing step 2
  3. Enter a Subject and Message.
  4. Click Post to forum.

    graphic showing step 3

graphic depiction of attentionStudents enrolled in your unit are automatically subscribed to announcements and will receive an email each time a new announcement is posted.

You can also make announcements through the Announcements block. If you do not have the Announcements block, you will need to add it.

To add an announcements block:

  1. Click Turn editing on.
  2. Select Add a Block.
  3. Select Announcements for Add…
    graphic showing step 3
  4. Go to the Announcements block and select Add a new topic…
    graphic showing step 4


graphic depiction of attention

Important – The Principle of Universal Design

When designing your course or unit, it is important to consider reaching and engaging as wide a group of students as possible. This includes students with different access needs and students who may have a sight, hearing or learning impairment. Click here for more information about Universal Design.


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