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About iLearn

What is iLearn?

iLearn ( is Macquarie University’s online Learning Management System (LMS). It provides an online environment for learning, teaching, communication and collaboration.

iLearn includes a number of different interconnected elements:

Element Description More Information
iLearn iLearn can be used to make lecture notes, readings, quizzes, discussion forums and other learning resources and activities available to students online. At the core of iLearn is a product called Moodle.

iTeach is the University's online system to create unit guides and activate iLearn spaces. Unit Convenors use the system to write their unit guides and map the unit against Macquarie's graduate capabilities. Unit Convenors can activate their iLearn space for each study period by creating a blank iLearn space or copying the space from a previous offering. Staff and student access can also be set and cohorts enrolled into an iLearn space through iTeach.

Echo 360 Lecture Recording Echo 360 is the system that enables lectures to be recorded and made available to students online through iLearn.
Turnitin Turnitin is an online text-matching software that compares electronically submitted papers to databases of academic publications and other student papers.
Grademark GradeMark is a product within Turnitin that facilitates marking and feedback for assignments online.
iShare (based on a product called Equella) is a digital repository system.
Zoom Zoom is Macquarie’s web conferencing tool which provides video and voice communication, text chat, interactive whiteboard, screen sharing and annotation. Zoom is very simple to use and offers a wide variety of opportunities for learning and teaching such as real-time online tutorials, virtual consultations with students or including an external guest speaker in a lecture etc.


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