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Applied statistics and data science

Gain a deep knowledge of statistics with applications for both the public and private sector or develop your capabilities across computer science, maths and statistics, enabling you to apply data science to real-world issues.

Study with a focus on practical work

Develop your problem-solving ability, collaboration skills and cutting-edge research knowledge in the lab and the field.

Ariunbold Shagdar

As the world becomes increasingly dependent on analysis and the interpretation of data, I wanted to study a degree that would help me become an expert in data science and statistics. My degree at Macquarie is empowering me to pursue my passion in statistics, as I'm getting the necessary training and guidance from my professors.

Ariunbold Shagdar Master of Applied Statistics

Postgraduate courses

At the postgraduate level, we offer specialist masters degrees, graduate certificates and graduate diplomas. See more about these courses below.

Other postgraduate courses available

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