A solid foundation for your university studies

Our physics bridging course prepares you for studies in physics, astronomy, engineering, medical sciences and related disciplines: either a useful HSC physics refresher or a solid foundation for your university studies in science.

2021 Physics bridging course

If you have not completed physics to HSC level or equivalent, this course is recommended to give you background knowledge to support your studies in:

  • PHYS1510 / PHYS1520 or PHYS1020 / PHYS1010
  • WPHY1510 / WPHY1520

It is also excellent preparation for:

  • PHYS1210 and a foundation for the Graduate Medical School Admissions Test (GAMSAT).
  • Foundations for Engineering units such as MECH1001, CIVL1001, ENGG1000, ENGG1050.

The course covers the following topics:

  • Foundation for science: units, scientific notation, orders of magnitude, accuracy and precision.
  • Kinematics: vectors, scalars, and properties of motion.
  • Mechanics: forces, equilibrium, dynamics, Newton's laws, gravity, momentum, energy and power.
  • Waves: sound and electromagnetic waves, wave propagation and wave properties.
  • Properties of matter: constituents of matter, thermal properties of matter, fluids and ideal gases.
  • Electrostatics and magnetism: electrical and magnetic phenomena, and electronic circuits.
  • Atomic, quantum and nuclear physics.

Please note this course is designed to provide a general knowledge of introductory physics. It does not qualify as a prerequisite for entry into Macquarie University units.

Course dates: Monday 1 February 2021 - Friday 5 February 2021 (Mon - Thurs 9am-5pm, Fri 9am-12.30pm)

Venue: Online (via Zoom)

Course Fees: $300 including online course notes.

Registration & Payment: Please visit - goto.mq.edu.au/registerphysicsbc2021 (Registration will close at 11pm, Fri 22 January 2021.)


Some of the positive feedback we received from our students:

Dr Horvath and the tutors were really awesome and helpful as well! Would 100% recommend this course!

Bachelor of Engineering (BE) student

This course has developed my knowledge of physics and I feel a lot more prepared for my degree.

Bachelor of Medical Science (BMedSci) student

Everything was covered consistently and I left the course knowing far more.

Bachelor of Science (BSci) student
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