Leading Sydney in earth and environmental sciences

Earth and environmental sciences are central to securing the future of our planet and its habitability. They exemplify the pinnacle of applied interdisciplinary scientific enterprise.

Our undergraduate students arrive with scientific curiosity and a passion for planet Earth and our natural environment, and leave as graduates with highly transferable skills and excellent employment prospects, empowered to address the quintessential challenges of the 21st century.

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Our department encompasses the study and understanding of Earth processes, from its core to the living environment and atmosphere. It involves an adventure through all spatial scales from nanometres to planetary scales, the comprehension of deep time and conceptualisation of changes in three to four dimensions.

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By teaching a broad understanding of the human-planetary relationship, we inspire our graduates to look deep into Earth’s history, monitor its constantly evolving environment, and seek to predict and anticipate possible futures of our planet.

The brief for our graduates is to provide innovative solutions for the challenges faced by stewardship of our fragile planet, including climate change, natural hazards, non-renewable resources and more.

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Last updated: 19 Nov 2020