A community of creative and critical thinkers

Our Department aspires to build a community of creative and critical thinkers that drives the environmental and geoscience agendas nationally and internationally.

We aim to be a world leader in impactful and collaborative research and teaching to understand how the Earth works, the ways in which our society and Earth interact and how to manage the environment.

Research and teaching strengths

Our research and teaching is focused on:

We offer coursework programs and majors at undergraduate and postgraduate level, as well as higher degree research.

  • geophysics
  • geodynamics
  • petrology
  • marine geoscience
  • geobiology
  • planetary science
  • environments and palaeoenvironments
  • water and carbon in internal earth and surface processes
  • energy technologies, climate and Anthropocene research
  • geochemistry: crustal and mantle evolution, and environmental contaminants.
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Last updated: 19 Nov 2020