Turning each visit into a unique experience

Our temporary and permanent exhibitions are designed to provide joyful and rewarding interactions with history during visits of any length — free of charge.

Allow one to two hours to browse our entire display, up to four hours to explore in depth, or discover it bit by bit during any number of short visits.

Engage your senses and come to a deeper understanding of your place in history. To guide you, our displays offer:

  • fully labelled objects along the perimeter walls, tracking history across five continents and 5000 years
  • corresponding free-standing display cases for (almost) label-free browsing of artefacts
  • a timeline, maps and focus artefacts to track your journey through the past
  • touch tables
  • education information available online via tablets in the lounge area.

Additionally, a dedicated display area will house temporary exhibitions that highlight topics of historical importance.