Our Anthropology research

The Macquarie School of Social Sciences’ Anthropology discipline produces highly innovative research valued equally for its theoretical contributions and practical impact.

Research in anthropology at Macquarie University has been assessed as above world standard, and ranked as the 2nd highest in Australia.

Our Anthropology research maintains a broad international focus, extensive social engagement, concentration on the politics of everyday life, concern about the ethical requirements of anthropology, along with an eagerness to innovate.

The four broad streams of our research expertise are:

  • medical anthropology covering global health, infectious disease, reproductive and sexual health and gender
  • phenomenology, psychological anthropology, embodied consciousness and experience, and the anthropology of emotion
  • social and political anthropology, including development studies and the social impact of globalising economic formations, mobility and migration, human rights, and new social movements
  • studies of religion, particularly Islam, Christianity, and new religious formations.
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Last updated: 11 Jun 2021