'Boundary crossing' between science and education

The ORS Fellowship in Science (Physics and Astronomy) and Education was created and funded by Macquarie University to support cross-faculty engagement with pre-service teachers.

The leadership of ‘real scientists’, Dr Heath Jones, Dr Cormac Purcell and Dr Angel Lopez-Sanchez, was critical in designing module content as relevant to scientific practice: hypothesis, experiment, observation, interpretation and debate.

Dr Heath Jones Grad Dip Ed (Secondary), BSc (Hons) PhD provided expertise in the field of stellar evolution and teaching secondary science and physics to pre-service teachers. Dr Cormac Purcell BSc (Applied Science), PhD Astrophysics provided expertise in astrophysical analysis, data analytics and public outreach activities including public lectures, school visits, planetarium shows and telescope nights. Dr Angel Lopez-Sanchez PhD Physics (Astrophysics) provided expertise as a research astronomer at the Australian Astronomical Observatory as well as lecturing and outreach activities.

This project also offered merit scholarships to Macquarie University students for their ORS related research and development of hands-on science and mathematics activities.


Katherine Broadway BABEd(P), for designing and implementing activities for pre-service teachers such as using iPads to conduct hands-on astronomy activities (2014)

Taylor Jansen BABEd(P), for conducting ORS research resulting in her report Chemistry Module Increases Pre-Service Teachers’ Content Knowledge, Skills and Confidence in Science (2015)

Saniya Ahmad BABEd(P), for conducting ORS research resulting in her report An Insight into Pre-service Teachers’ Views of Mathematics and their Numeracy Capabilities (2015)

The ORS Higher Degree Research Scholarship was awarded to Mark Gronow, Mathematics teacher and PhD candidate. Mark commenced his PhD Scholarship to improve primary and secondary mathematics teaching at pre-service level. His PhD is titled: Pre-service Mathematics Teachers Noticing of Structural Thinking.

See Mark's work featured in The Australian.