Photo of Mary Ryan
Professor Mary Ryan

Mary Ryan is Professor and Dean of Education at Macquarie University. She is a Principal Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy and is the recipient of a national citation for outstanding contributions to student learning and has an extensive record of program development experience having co-ord...


Area of expertise

Dr Rebecca Andrews
Senior Lecturer in Educational Studies

  • Educator-child Interactions
  • Children's memory
  • Teacher education student mentoring
  • Professional experience

Ms Michelle Bishop
Associate Lecturer in Educational Studies

  • Education policy and Indigenous/Aboriginal students
  • Indigenous and critical perspectives in education
  • Indigenous Knowledges
  • Indigenous research methodologies
  • Curriculum and pedagogy

Associate Professor Matt Bower
Associate Professor in Educational Studies

  • Technology-enhanced learning
  • Learning design
  • Blended learning
  • Educational technology innovation
  • Teacher education
  • Computing education

Ms Clare Britt
Lecturer in Educational Studies

  • Visual Arts/Creative Arts
  • Early Childhood Creative Arts pedagogy
  • Young children & contemporary art in GLAM contexts

Professor Rebecca Bull
Professor of Numeracy in Educational Studies

  • Early numeracy development and intervention
  • Cognitive development
  • Impact of hearing loss on learning and development
  • Educator-child interactions and classroom quality
  • Early childhood education and care

Susan Busatto
Associate Lecturer in Educational Studies

  • Pre-service teacher education
  • Curriculum and pedagogy
  • Mathematics education

Associate Professor Mark Carter
Associate Professor in Special Education

  • Education of students with high support needs.
  • Educational issues in autism spectrum disorders.
  • Communication of individuals with intellectual disability.
  • Social interaction and friendships in individuals with intellectual disability.
  • Evidence-based practice in special education.

Associate Professor Michael Cavanagh 
Course Director – Secondary Teacher Education

  • Teacher education
  • Reflective practice
  • Professional experience
  • Mathematics education

Dr Alice Chik
Senior Lecturer in Educational Studies

  • Multilingualism in education
  • Learner autonomy
  • Digital literacy
  • Foreign language learning
  • Reading acquisition
  • Literacy teaching

Dr Hye-Eun Chu
Senior Lecturer in Educational Studies

  • Cross-cultural science education research
  • Interactions in science classrooms
  • Innovative science teaching and learning(e.g. arts integrated STEM)
  • Students’ conceptual development in science learning through explanatory modelling and multimodal thinking
  • Scientific literacy/Environmental literacy

Dr Yeshe Colliver
Lecturer in Educational Studies

  • Learning through play
  • Young children’s perspectives
  • Cultural aspects of learning
  • Early literacy and numeracy

Dr Kathy Cologon
Lecturer in Inclusive Education

  • Inclusive education and social inclusion
  • Disability Studies
  • Child and family perspectives
  • Professional reflexivity and teacher change
  • Literacies
  • Early Childhood

Dr Belinda Davis
Course Director for Early Childhood

  • Professional experience
  • Reflective practice
  • Infant toddler experiences in early childhood settings
  • Curriculum

Professor Sheila Degotardi
Deputy Head: Research

  • Infant-toddler learning and teaching
  • Relationship-based pedagogies
  • Young children’s interactions
  • Young children's thinking

Dr John De Nobile
Course Director - Primary Teacher Education

  • Educational leadership
  • Organisational behaviour
  • Classroom management
  • Primary science methodology

Dr Emilia Djonov
Senior Lecturer in Educational Studies

  • Multi-literacies
  • Early language and literacy
  • Multimodality
  • (Critical) Discourse Analysis
  • Social Semiotics
  • Systemic Functional Linguistics

Dr Chuanmei Dong
Lecturer in Early Childhood Education

  • Young children’s use of technologies
  • Teachers’ perspectives and pedagogy
  • Professional Development
  • Sociocultural approach

Dr Dean Dudley
Senior Lecturer in Educational Studies

  • Health and Physical Education
  • Physical Literacy
  • Assessment
  • Sport & Coaching

Dr Janet Dutton
Lecturer in Secondary English

  • Secondary English curriculum and HSC English
  • Creative literacy pedagogy
  • Teacher motivation and retention
  • Teacher identity, voice and reflective practice

Dr John Ehrich
Senior Lecturer in Educational data, Measurement and Assessment

  • Rasch modelling
  • Experimental psychology
  • Assessment
  • Reading processes
  • Dark Leadership

Professor Garry Falloon
Professor of Digital learning and Vincent Fairfax Foundation Chair of Teacher Education

  • Digital Learning (classroom focused)
  • Online, blended and distance learning
  • Curriculum design and assessment
  • Research methodologies
  • Primary and middle school education
  • Science education
  • Technology education

Dr Loraine Fordham
Senior Lecturer in Educational Studies

  • Relational pedagogy in early years settings
  • Family-centred practices
  • Early speech and language development
  • Inclusive early childhood education

Dr Anne Forbes
Senior Lecturer in STEM Education (Early Childhood & Primary)

  • STEM Education - primary and early years
  • Communities of Science Practice

Dr Ruth French
Lecturer in Educational Studies

  • Literacies education
  • Teacher education
  • Systemic functional linguistics
  • Curriculum and pedagogy
  • Children’s literature

Associate Professor Fay Hadley
Course Director Initial Teacher Education
Director of Initial Teacher Education

  • Partnerships with families
  • Family diversity
  • Educational leadership
  • Professional learning and development
  • Professional experience

Professor Linda Harrison
Professorial Research Fellow

  • Infant and toddler learning, development and well being
  • Child-adult attachment relationships at home and in early childhood education and school settings
  • Innovative approaches to measurement and assessment in early childhood education and care
  • Quantitative research design and methodology, longitudinal analysis techniques

Associate Professor Neil Harrison
Associate Professor in Educational Studies

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education
  • Affective learning
  • Trauma informed education
  • Learning from Country
  • Educational philosophy
  • Primary education

Dr Iain Hay
Director of Professional Learning and Engagement

  • Initial Teacher Education
  • Professional learning
  • School engagement
  • Gender/GLBTI/Young parents
  • Educational policy & leadership
  • Comparative education
  • Tertiary Education Management

Dr Toni Hopper
Lecturer In Educational Studies

  • Special Education
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy

Dr Sally Howell
Principal, MUSEC School

  • Special Education
  • Early numeracy acquisition
  • Early literacy acquisition
  • Number sense as a predictor of numeracy difficulties


Area of expertise

Dr Kelly Johnston
Lecturer in Educational Studies

  • Mathematical thinking and learning
  • Technology and STEM integration
  • Play-based pedagogy
  • Practitioner inquiry

Dr Melissa Johnstone
Lecturer in Educational Studies, Health and Human Sciences

  • Health & wellbeing
  • Research design and analyses
  • Health Psychology
  • Longitudinal research
  • Health and Social Policy
  • Quantitative, qualitative and mixed-methods

Associate Professor Tiffany Jones
Associate Professor,Sociology of Education and Education Policy

  • Gender, Sexuality and Education
  • Education Policy, Health Policy, Social Policy
  • Sociology of Education
  • LGBTIQA+ Issues
  • Comparative and International Education
  • Quantitative, Qualitative and Mixed Methods

Associate Professor Rod Lane
Deputy Head - Learning and Teaching

  • Conceptual change/development
  • Learning processes in science and geographical education
  • Teachers’ knowledge and professional development
  • Educational Assessment
  • Qualitative research methods

Professor Philip Li
Course Director for Master of Education/Master of Early Childhood

  • Developmental psycholinguistics
  • Early Chinese literacy
  • Early childhood curriculum and pedagogy
  • Educational policy

Dr Helen Little
Senior Lecturer in Educational Studies

  • Outdoor learning environments
  • Risky play
  • Child development

Mr Rhett Loban
Associate Lecturer in Educational Studies

  • Digital Media
  • Game-Based Learning
  • Virtual Reality
  • Indigenous Studies

Dr Norman McCulla
Senior Lecturer in Educational Studies

  • Educational leadership
  • Teacher professional development
  • Curriculum
  • Quality teaching

Dr Anne McMaugh
Senior Lecturer, Educational Psychology
Program Director- BPhil/MRes

  • Educational psychology
  • Social and emotional development
  • Cognitive and non-cognitive factors in learning (e.g. growth mindset)
  • Learning and development in vulnerable community, family and school contexts.
  • Research methods and design

Professor Joanne Mulligan
Professor in Educational Studies

  • Psychology of mathematics and science education
  • Spatial reasoning
  • Early algebra and pattern and structure
  • STEM curriculum and assessment
  • Teacher education/professional learning

Dr Sue Ollerhead
Lecturer in Educational Studies

  • Language teacher education
  • Multilingual education
  • Classroom pedagogy
  • Language policy
  • Literacy across the curriculum
  • Oracy development in schools

Dr Kerry-Ann O'Sullivan
Senior Lecturer in Educational Studies

  • English and multiliteracies education
  • Texts, discourses, & decision making
  • Professional identity construction
  • Pedagogical change & professional learning

Professor Rauno Parrila
Professor in Educational Studies

  • Learning difficulties across life-span
  • Cognitive and socio-cognitive compensation mechanisms
  • Reading acquisition across writing systems
  • Reading instruction and interventions
  • Developmental systems theory
  • Special and inclusive education

Professor Liz Pellicano
Professor in Educational Studies

  • Autism education
  • Cognitive development (with a focus on executive control)
  • Autistic perception and cognition
  • Inclusive education
  • Using technology with autistic people

Dr Sarah Powell
Lecturer Educational Studies

  • Music education
  • Music pedagogy
  • Creative arts
  • Early childhood literacy

Dr Greg Robertson
Lecturer in Educational Studies

  • Space & learning
  • Professional Development frameworks
  • Professional learning

Professor Mary Ryan
Professor and Head of Department

  • Teacher preparation and reflexive practice
  • Writing development and pedagogy
  • Literacies
  • Reflective learning across programs/curriculum
  • Texts and discourses of learning and teaching
  • Socio-spatial contexts of learning

Dr Kathleen Tait MBPsS
Course Director - Special Education

  • Developmental disabilities
  • Communication disorders
  • Program outcomes evaluation
  • Applied Behaviour Analysis
  • Quality of life & family impact
  • Intercultural studies in disability

Dr Luke Touhill
Director Mia Mia and Family Study Centre

  • Design of early childhood learning environments
  • History of early childhood education
  • Contemporary early childhood curriculum and pedagogy
  • Play and project based learning approaches

Mrs Amy Thunig
Associate Lecturer in Educational Studies

  • Indigenous Research
  • Indigenous perspectives and knowledges in Education
  • Cultural Competency
  • Primary Teaching

Associate Professor Penny Van Bergen
Associate Professor in Educational Psychology

  • Educational psychology
  • Children’s memory and learning
  • Parent-child reminiscing
  • Socio emotional development
  • Socio emotional development
  • Emotion understanding and perspective-taking
  • Student-teacher relationships

Dr Hua-Chen Wang
Lecturer in Educational Studies

  • Cognitive processes in reading
  • Learning to read in children and adults
  • Reading difficulties and their treatments
  • Learning to read in different writing systems and in bilingualism

Professor Manjula Waniganayake
Professor in Educational Studies
Postgraduate Studies Coordinator

  • Educational leadership
  • Early childhood policies
  • Early childhood workforce
  • Families - diversity and engagement
  • Professional learning and development

Dr Kim Wilson
Lecturer in Secondary History Education

  • Ideological constructions of knowledge
  • Effects of construction of knowledge on student learning
  • History, Memory and National Identity
  • Teaching complex critical thinking skills to develop astute thinkers
  • Mentoring new and recent graduate teachers

Associate Professor Sandie Wong
Associate Professor in Educational Studies

  • Early childhood practice
  • Early childhood workforce
  • Early childhood educator well-being
  • History of early childhood

Dr Shirley Wyver
Director- Higher Degree Research

  • Outdoor play and learning
  • Cognitive development
  • Vision impairment


Contact Details

Alireza Ahadi
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

T: (02) 9850 8675

Jac Den Houting
Research Associate

T: (02) 9850 9868

Dr Rozanna Lilley
Postdoctoral Research Fellow