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All Law students interested in exchange must read the following information carefully from start to finish before approaching law school or MQ International/Abroad staff for further advice.

Exchange Officers will not provide information that is included on this sheet.

Administrative issues

Most administrative information is provided on the MQ Abroad/Macquarie International website covering areas such as costs and funding, partner universities, visa requirements, application opening and closing dates etc. Further information on these issues must be obtained from MQ Abroad/Macquarie International. The Law School does not have the capacity to advise on administrative issues relating to exchange.

To be eligible for exchange, students need to ensure they satisfy the GPA requirements (please consult MQ Abroad/Macquarie International) and need to be (at least) in the fourth or fifth year of their LLB for undergraduate students. This means that students need to have completed a prerequisite of 39 credit points in LAW/LAWS (at the time the student departs for exchange – not necessarily at the time of application).

To be eligible for exchange, students need to ensure they satisfy the GPA requirements (please consult MQ Abroad/Macquarie International) and have completed 32 credit points (at the time the student departs for exchange – not necessarily at the time of application).

Applying for exchange

Applications for exchange are to be made to MQ Abroad/Macquarie International.

Macquarie Abroad hosts many excellent information sessions explaining the exchange process and it is essential that students interested in exchange attend these sessions. Please refer to the Macquarie Abroad website for the information session schedule.

Students must select a host university from the list of partner universities (please refer to the Macquarie Abroad website). Application to a host university is based on a personal preference. Please note that Macquarie Abroad does not guarantee you will be selected at your first-choice university and will inform you of the outcome of your host university selection.

No host university is inherently better from an academic perspective.

Once accepted by a host university, students must nominate units that they would like to undertake whilst on exchange as part of a Study Plan. Students should research partner universities and the units made available to complete this part of the application, which is time consuming so please don’t leave your application until the last minute!

A full-time study load for UG students is 12 credit points (MQ equivalent) and 16 credit points (MQ equivalent) for PG and JD students.

A student does not need to nominate a unit that is necessarily taught at Macquarie Law School. The majority of units taken on exchange will be classified as ‘unspecified law credit at LAWS 500 (level’ for undergraduate students and ‘unspecified law credit at LAW 800 level’ for postgraduate and JD students. This means there is no equivalent unit taught by the Macquarie Law School but the credit counts to the completion of your degree.

However, if the unit that is nominated by a student does have an equivalent it will be noted as part of the student’s exchange study plan. For example, if a student nominates a unit entitled ‘International Environmental Law’ it will be approved as ‘equivalent to LAWS569 (or LAW860 for post graduate and JD students) International Environmental Law.’ This prevents the student from studying (for example) LAWS569/LAW860 upon return to Macquarie and effectively ‘double dipping.’

All unspecified credit for UG students units will be counted at LAWS 500 level – meaning that the credit counts toward honours.

When completing the study plan students need to include a link to an official description of each unit as provided by the host university. It is advisable that students nominate approx. 5-6 units in case their first preferences are not available - however changes can be made if need be subsequent to approval of selected units (this is an emergency approval).

Once a study plan is drafted the student must seek approval for the Law School. This will be forwarded to the Law School by MQ Abroad/International. Every unit that students nominate needs to be approved by the relevant Macquarie Academic (NOT an Academic Advisor, but an Exchange Officer) as contributing to the completion of their law degree.

Once a Study Plan is approved it will be returned to the student and MQ Abroad/Macquarie International and enrolment in those units will be performed by the host university. While units successfully undertaken on exchange will contribute to the completion of the student’s law degree, it will have no effect on a student’s Course Weighted Average (CWA) - this could be an important consideration for students regarding Honours.

Students might be forced to change units upon arrival at the host university due to lack of capacity, courses being postponed etc. In this scenario students must select a different unit. If this happens, students must seek approval if it hasn’t already been given.

Please note students are expected to start this process early. Approval of late applications (beyond deadlines set be MQ Abroad/International) is not guaranteed. We recommend you apply to the Macquarie Abroad Exchange program six months prior to the program.

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