Gain diverse skills and expand your career options

Your experience of Macquarie Law School's unique teaching and learning environment will equip you to conquer many challenges in your professional and personal life.

We are very proud of our graduates: so many have obtained exceptional positions when seeking employment. The legal profession is filled with the names of many distinguished Macquarie Alumni.


Macquarie Law School focuses on innovation, active engagement, intellectual excitement and open communication. We aim to provide all students with an outstanding legal education and an inclusive community of staff, students and alumni.

Our programs will help you graduate with strong critical and analytical thinking skills and improve your communication and research skills.

Internal course transfers

Current Macquarie University students who would like to add Law to their program can apply for transfer.

Eligibility for honours in the LLB is based in part on a student's WAM (Weighted Average Mark). A student's WAM is calculated as follows:

  1. multiply the unit mark for each graded LAW or LAWS unit attempted by the student by the value of that unit in terms of credit points
  2. sum the resulting values (weighted marks)
  3. divide the sum of the weighted marks by the total value (in terms of credit points) of all graded LAW or LAWS units attempted by the student.

NB: when calculating a student's WAM no account is taken of the following:

  • units that are not graded (eg those assessed as pass/fail, such as LAW115 as currently offered)
  • units from which the student withdrew prior to the census date
  • units from which the student was permitted to withdraw without academic penalty.


Macquarie Law School offers Masters Programs for students who have completed an undergraduate Law degree, and the Juris Doctor for students who have completed undergraduate study in another discipline and now wish to begin their legal education.

A group of postgraduate students

Higher degree research

Macquarie Law School offers PhD and Master of Research (MRes) degrees for postgraduate research students. Find out more about our research programs.

Macquarie University Law Society

Interaction and involvement with the Macquarie University Law Society (MULS) is often critical to the Macquarie Law School experience. MULS appreciates the importance of ensuring that students receive more than just a degree, by providing them with experiences that make them multi-skilled, highly capable and ambitious individuals.

Find out how MULS can support you. Visit the MULS website for information about upcoming events, publications and more ways to get involved.

Accreditation and careers

For information about accreditation or options for your future career, contact Macquarie Careers.

During your studies, you can enrol in our PACE (Professional and Community Engagement) program to get a hands-on experience in the field. More information on these units can be found in the Handbook.

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