Engage with the Security and Criminology Community

Our department gives students many career-enhancing opportunities to connect and stay connected.

Internship Program

Available in Sessions 1 and 2 for our Masters students.

Washington D.C. Study Tour

Held annually in June for our graduate students.

Critical Thinking and Methodologies Practical Application Course

Held annually in February for all undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Alumni Connect

We want to remain connected with all our Security Studies & Criminology alumni, both undergraduate and postgraduate, to let you know of upcoming events and opportunities, as well as to hear from you and how you are doing.

Register here.

Optus-Macquarie University Cyber Security Hub

In response to broader cyber community risk and opportunities, Macquarie University and Optus have established the Optus Macquarie University Cyber Security Hub.

Taking a holistic approach to cyber security, the hub will focus on how cybercrime is perpetrated, how it affects the economy, and how it can be effectively addressed.

Study opportunities are also available for undergraduate, postgraduate and research students.

Engage with our experts

The department offers many avenues for engagement. We are available to provide expert commentary to media, and we work with government agencies and the private sector.


Academic staff in the department frequently provide expert commentary in national and international media on security and defence-related issues. Specific expertise in the department includes Australia’s strategic and defence policy, counter terrorism and resilience, Asia-Pacific and European security and defence issues, cyber security, intelligence affairs, organised crime,social finance, elite deviance, gender, police and crime control in Australia, the political economy of organised crime and its links to terrorism in the Asia Pacific and Latin American regions, and the internal governance of criminal organisations .

Government and corporate engagement

The department has a number of relationships with government agencies and the private sector to facilitate real-world research and student recruitment. If you would like to discuss opportunities, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us directly.

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Last updated: 11 Mar 2020