Tackling the big questions – present and future

Our department is one of the best in Australasia, with programs reflecting our unique commitment to addressing critical philosophical questions facing us now and in years to come.

Through strong cross-disciplinary collaborations, our academics explore the issues that lie at the intersection of law, culture, psychology and neuroscience, biology, medicine and ethics:

  • Can machines think?
  • What is racism?
  • Do patients have a right to treatment?
  • Is our brain the real criminal?
  • Have human minds culturally evolved?
  • Does technology extend the mind?

The department has long-standing research strengths in ethics, European philosophy, metaphysics, philosophical psychology, philosophy of mind and cognitive science, and social philosophy. More recently we have developed specialisations in clinical ethics, philosophy of biology, philosophy of race, neuroethics and moral cognition. A distinctive strength of philosophy research at Macquarie is a focus on human agency, mind and self.

We enjoy strong connections to other departments within the university, as well as other universities around Australia and the world.

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Last updated: 17 Dec 2019