Doctoral research in our department

We are home to numerous higher degree research students exploring exciting theses across topics in modern history, politics and international relations.

Our research students are currently working on the following projects:

Modern History

Student name

Thesis title

Buckton, Rodney

People, Energy, Technology: Social and Economic Acceleration in Victoria, 1851-1914

Caron, Dominic

"Kill Japs, Kill Japs, Kill More Japs": American and Australian attitudes towards the Japanese during the Second World War

Clear, Jack

A Transnational Study of Settler Colonial Warfare in the United States and Australia: Geronimo, Jandamarra, and the role of the Freedom Fighter.

Draghici, Adalia

Remote Warfare, and Warfare Via Remote: Shifting Civil-military Relations and Cultural Experiences of War in the U.S from Vietnam to the Gulf.

Hartman, Abbie

When This is All Over and the War is Won They Will Remember Us: Public History, War and the Power of Memorialisation in Games

Hawkins, Alexandria

Breaking Silence: A History of Domestic Violence in Rural and Urban New South Wales,;;1974-2016

Hawkins, Katharine

The Other Woman: The Monstrous Feminine as Feminist Praxis

Kassimir, Spencer

American influences on Rugby League in Australia

Kelly, Margaret Jean

Male Previlege and Entitlement as Experienced and Navigated by Transgender Women and Transgender Men

Lorrison, Marian

Mapping the evolution of the new woman in New South Wales, 1880 -1914.

MacGillivray, Morwenna

A comparative study of the experiences of senior female leaders in the different armed forces of the UK, US and Australia.

McWhinney, Georgia

More disease- ridden outfits: The British dominion forces and preventative folk medicine in the first world war.

Nicholls, Michael

Masculinity and 'the Millions Club' in Interwar Australia, 1920 - 1939

Sarian, Emma

The history of Race in Australia, reconsidered

Tack, Saartje

Suicide and the prevention narrative

Way, Amy

How deep is your time?: A History of Australian Antiquity

Student name

Thesis title

Flack, Kylie-Ann

Packaging the Past for Children: Australian historical novels and picture books for children since 1945

Hore, Jarrod

Visions of Nature: Territoriality and Landscape Photography in Three Settler Sites, 1848-1900

McLaren, Jennifer

Irish Lives in the British Caribbean: Engaging with Empire in the Revolutionary Era

Politics and International Relations

Student name

Thesis title

Armagan, Tayyibe

Politics of flows and controls in the Middle East and North Africa: The Turkish model as an instrument of control in the face of the Arab spring

Della Gatta, Marisa

Religious humanitarianism in Syria. The contribution of religious communities to the Syrian conflict: Armenian and Muslim communities living in Australia.

Donef, Racho

The Interplay of Religious and Secular Politics in the Turkish Republic, with an Emphasis on Questions About What it Means for the State, or its Politics, to be Secular

Maher, Bryan

Can Negative Emissions Move Australia from Climate Recalcitrant to Climate Leader: An Examination of the Potential for Negative Emissions in an Australian Context

McCormack, Alan

Australia-Indonesia: the quest for a better relationship. Could FDI have a role?

Mohammeddinov, Mikhail

The Eurasian Economic Union: evaluating Russia-led integration

Monnox, Christopher William

Federal Election Campaigns in rural New South Wales and Victoria; 1910 - 1969

Poulos, Elenie

Public theology and moral voices: Christian advocacy for human rights.

Pourhamzavi, Karim

The Ideology and the Rise of Jihadism: How Regional and Global Political Rivalries Contributed to the Rise of the Jihadists

Sasmita, A Sudiana

Politics of ethnicity in the aftermath of special autonomy in Papua, Indonesia: A comparative analysis of Sorong Selatan and Keerom

Smith, Cameron

Decolonising Antipodean Multiculturalism

Starling, Nicole

"A New Faith”? Religious belief and ‘moral enlightenment’ in the temperance movement in Eastern Australia: 1833 - 1878

Thoday, Kim

Left-leaning Clergy and Community Activism: the Social and Political Agency of Christian Socialism in Australia During the Cold War

Torrisi, Luke

The anxieties of conservative mind in the 21st century through the lens of Dystopia

Vogt, Richard

The Politics of Borders in the Twenty-First Century: A Responsibility to Protect Privilege

Student name

Thesis title

Del-Grosso, Marc-Olivier

The perception of Islam by political parties: A comparative analysis of the Rhetorical and perceptive schemes used in Austalia and France

Shanahan, Mairead

Australian Neo-Pentecostal Churches: Incorporating Late-Modernity in a New Religious Form

Wainscott, Matthew

Class Politics and Ideology in Revolutionary Egypt