Become a truly global citizen

International Studies explores the dynamics of the globalised and changing world through studies in language and culture.

Combining the study of languages, cultures and global society, our programs explore how culture, identity, and politics have converged to shape the world as it is today.

Our levels of study

Students learn about global society and issues, explore a range of cultures and languages, and study overseas to develop authentic intercultural experiences and language skills. You can enrol in our undergraduate classes or undertake research as part of an MRes or PhD.

What you’ll learn

Uncover what it means to be living in a globalised world – join our experts in evaluating global issues across social, cultural, and political spectrums.

There are cohesive areas of study in ten European and Asian cultures and languages. Students can also undertake a range of options at the undergraduate level offering interdisciplinary insights (for example, politics, history, literature, film and theatre, sociology, and anthropology, amongst others).

Students can explore areas of interest further in the Masters of Research and PhD.

Engage with us

Our programs are integrated with our areas of research activity. We offer critical insights into culture, identity, politics, gender, and race. Talk to one of our experts.

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Last updated: 17 Dec 2019