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The French language gives access to a history of global culture expressed through the arts, literature, cinema, fashion, gastronomy, scientific innovation, and beyond.

French is a world language spoken by more than 220 million people across Europe, North America, Africa, Asia and the Arab world, and is one of the official languages of the United Nations.

Aucune langue ne naît riche, mais c'est l'usage qui l'enrichit.

“A Language is only enriched by its usage.” – Jean-Marie Adé Adiaffi, Ivorian philosopher and critic

Each year we organise cultural and scholarly events related to our research and teaching in French and Francophone Studies.

Our levels of study

French language studies commence at introductory and post-HSC levels, continuing to advanced level (Common European Framework of Reference level A1 to C1).

French and Francophone Studies also offer flexible entry points to students with pre-existing knowledge of French language by assessing equivalency for entry into units at introductory, intermediate and advanced levels.

The language programs are integrated with our areas of research activity in Francophone Studies. Students can take options that allow interdisciplinary insights into literature, culture, history and film, at undergraduate level, with the option to explore these further in the Masters of Research and PhD.

You can enrol in our undergraduate classes or undertake research as part of an MRes or PhD.

What you’ll learn

The unique focus on literature and culture of the Francophone world at Macquarie University allows students to learn about the cultural history of France and the global effects of colonisation on the present day French-speaking world. Our research specialisms lie in the area of Postcolonial Studies. Undergraduate students will gain critical insights into addressing misconceptions concerning French culture, while MRes and PhD students can choose to specialise in areas of interest.

Engage with us

Talk to one of our experts on language, literature, and Francophone cultural history:

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