Dive into the rich culture and language of Croatia

Croatian is the official language of the Republic of Croatia and one of the three official languages in neighbouring Bosnia-Herzegovina. It is also spoken by minority groups across Europe, and Croatian communities abroad.

As of July 2013, Croatian is one of twenty-four official languages of the European Union.

Ljub' si rode jezik iznad svega!

“Love the language above everything else, my folks!” – Petar Preradović, Croatian poet

Our levels of study

Croatian Studies begins at an introductory level and continues to an advanced level. At the undergraduate level, students can study language, culture, history, literature, migrations and transnational identities. Croatian Studies can be explored as part of MRes or PhD.

What you’ll learn

Although the focus of Croatian Studies is on language, we offer expertise in literature, linguistics, translating, migrations, as well as in cultural and ancient history. We have strong relationships with a number of universities and institutions in Croatia interested in exchange programs, and we encourage students to take advantage of this cultural and educational diversity.

Croatian undergraduate units may be taken as part of a number of different degrees, as well as in a Diploma of Languages. Separate undergraduate study patterns are offered for students with limited or no prior knowledge of Croatian and for those who've completed HSC Croatian or have equivalent language skills. Students with a major in Croatian can further their studies by undertaking postgraduate research in the Masters of Research.

Engage with us

Talk to our experts on language, literature, culture, history and linguistics:

Promoting Croatian culture

We are proudly supported by the Croatian Studies Foundation (CSF) and the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport and State Office for Croats Abroad, Republic of Croatia. The CSF organises annual events to promote knowledge and understanding of Croatian history, language and culture. For further information about the Croatian Studies Foundation, please visit the Croatian Studies Foundation website.

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