Study Indigenous knowledge, histories and practices

You will develop deep critical thinking and effective communication skills, and be introduced to innovative perspectives on society and the world.

We need to have a paradigm shift; to me the paradigm shift is that we have to see the world as Indigenous people see it.

Dr David Suzuki Scholar, environmentalist and scientist

Postgraduate study

Postgraduate students can embark on the Master of Research or PhD in Indigenous Studies.

Teachers, educators, administrators and policy developers seeking to expand their knowledge and formalise their professional experience in Indigenous education can complete a one year Master of Indigenous Education, which is unique to Macquarie University.

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Undergraduate units

The latest information about our undergraduate units is available in the Macquarie University Course Handbook.

ABST 1020 Dharug Country: People, Places and Presences

ABST1020 allows students to connect with contemporary Dharug people and learn about the impact of colonisation on the community and also better understand how Dharug people and communities have resisted and survived. Dharug people will share stories of importance so students can be more aware of the politics of place.

ABST 1000 Introducing Indigenous Australia

ABST1000 is a thought-provoking and challenging cultural experience of Indigenous Australian histories, cultures and worldviews and as such provides a solid theoretical foundation for anyone wishing to pursue further engagement with Indigenous Studies and communities.

ABST 1030 Introduction to Indigenous Queer Studies

ABST1030 prioritises the voices and perspectives of Indigenous Queer populations as transformative of the social, cultural, and political landscapes of Australia and beyond. This unit will explore Indigenous Queer worldviews and standpoints that interrupt, challenge, enrich and recalibrate our understanding of community, culture, gender, sexuality, the body and desire.

ABST 2020 Indigenous Culture and Text

Music, poetry, literature, film, television and social media are all platforms that Indigenous peoples’ make use of to tell stories, remember the past, imagine futures, express Indigeneity, connect with others and politically agitate for social change. In exciting ways, students are introduced to the vast contribution from Indigenous people to contemporary media culture.

ABST 2035 Global Indigenous Queer Identities

Indigenous societies have recognised diverse genders and sexualities for thousands of years. ABST2035 interrogates and challenges the influence and enforcement of western gendered and sexual norms by embedding an understanding of Indigenous world views situated within, beyond and against the scope of the gender binary, heterosexuality, and gender and sexual taxonomies across the LBGTQI+ spectrum.

ABST 2060 Indigenous Histories and Knowledges

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures are the oldest living cultures on earth with over 60,000 years of history. There is much to learn from Indigenous people and communities. ABST2060 explores Indigenous histories and knowledges from the big bang through to contemporary times and provides an understanding of how Indigenous knowledges about the world can inform future thinking about conservation, land management, climate change and sustainability.

ABST 3025 Indigenous Research Methodologies

Indigenous research holds answers to environmental, social, cultural, and political questions that require urgent attention in the world. ABST3025 provides students with skills and knowledge to critically think about their engagement in culturally competent and ethical research with and for Indigenous people and communities. **ABST3025 also paves the way for higher-level study in the Masters of Research program.

ABST 3035 Indigenous Queer Theory and Practice

ABST3035 explores the convergence of theories that inform Indigenous Queer Studies as an interdisciplinary space. Students will be introduces to Indigenous Queer readings of theories such as intersectionality and examine how Indigenous Queer perspectives unpack, translate, and reterritorialise knowledge in ways that centralise Indigeneity and Queerness.

ABST 3040 Indigenous Policy: Politics and Activism

Opening minds and raising awareness – good leadership is being politically conscious and informed. ABST3040 examines social justice matters that affect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities through a variety of political, legal and human rights issues. The aim of the unit is to introduce students to key ideas associated with social justice and politics.

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