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Graduates from our courses gain the skills and knowledge required for meaningful and rewarding careers in public, private and community sectors.

With social, economic and environmental issues increasingly being approached in integrated ways there is high demand for the synthesis skills we teach across our five different majors.

Chris Padfield, Planner, Place Partners

Chris Padfield completed a Bachelor of Planning at Macquarie University and has pursued an interesting career in place-making. Watch the video below describing his study at university and career following graduation.

The Macquarie University unique practical experience program, PACE, provides students with the opportunity to work on mutually beneficial projects with industry partners and gain important skills for your future careers.

Through PACE, Chris Padfield completed an internship with the urban planning organisation Place Partners. His work with the company required him to employ many professional skills including data analysis, market research, communication and reporting to help create an urban environment plan that was sustainable, economical, and took environmental and cultural factors into account.

Chris’s work with Place Partners helped him to secure a position with the company, where he is now considered an integral part of the team.

Jessie Strange, Environmental Planning Consultant, RPS Group

Jessie Strange Whilst undertaking a Major in Human Geography I developed an interest in understanding how the decisions we make are shaped by social and cultural factors and the influence of the environment, and also how we are continually adapting and being challenged by the environment.

This was emphasised whilst undertaking field research focusing on how two Indigenous communities in Sabah, Malaysia had been affected by an earthquake, as part of a PACE project. I developed an understanding of different cultural interpretations of a natural disaster and how Indigenous knowledge was used to recover.

After my undergraduate major in Human Geography I joined RPS and have been working as an environmental planning consultant. I have since furthered my studies and recently graduated with a Master of Planning (Specialising in Environmental Planning). At RPS I implement the planning and approvals knowledge learnt through my studies at Macquarie and have become a an effective environmental decision maker.

I have worked on a range of projects since being at RPS, with the most extensive experience being in planning assessments and environmental management for road, rail, water and telecommunications infrastructure. I have been embedded with NBN in the Land Access and Statutory Approvals team, environment and planning manager roles for TfNSW, and as an approvals manager at Flow Systems.

My studies at Macquarie taught me how to analyse and rethink environmental and geographic theories and processes, and how to realistically apply and understand these in practice.

Luke Salem, Senior Legal Officer, NSW Environment Protection Authority

Luke Salem I graduated from Macquarie University with a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Human Geography in 2015. The combination of law and geography allowed me to explore a range of interactions between humans and their environments. This interest and study led me into a career in environmental and planning law.

My first job out of university was at a large firm called Ashurst, where I provided environmental and planning law advice in relation to major infrastructure projects like Sydney Metro, WestConnex and the new Darlington Point Solar Farm.

Now I work at the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) as a Senior Legal Officer in the Legislation and Advice team. In this role, I provide legal advice to the EPA in relation to its functions as the primary environmental regulator in NSW.

Studying geography and law helped me to understand the context surrounding legal issues in the environmental and planning law space, which in turn has assisted me to develop a rewarding career as an environmental and planning lawyer.

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Last updated: 17 Dec 2019