Our inclusive approach to geography and planning

We take an interdisciplinary approach to understanding relations between people, place, culture and environment.

We focus on social and environmental justice, collaborative planning and development, and professional practice. The Department of Geography and Planning embraces principles of inclusiveness, equity and diversity in all areas of our teaching, research and engagement. We are committed to fostering culturally safe learning environments that recognise the diversity of experiences and interests represented by our students, colleagues and the wider community.

We are also committed to forms of research and teaching that have positive outcomes for society. This means grappling with complex real world challenges and developing fair and just ways forward that are inclusive of multiple world views and forms of knowledge.

We have strong relationships with business, government, communities and the general public. We welcome collaborations that share and improve research, inform policy and process, create innovative learning experiences, and contribute to flourishing and equitable societies.

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Last updated: 17 Dec 2019