A leading community of researchers

Our research includes archaeological, linguistic, and textual studies of the history and society of a range of ancient cultures.

The Department of Ancient History has over 30 academic staff, over 60 PhD and 25 Masters by Research students. This forms the basis of our academic community that holds a range of events across the year from a weekly departmental seminar through to major conferences and more specialised workshops.

The scope of our research includes both ancient history and archaeology with strengths in the following areas:

  • Ancient Egypt and the Near East (including Ancient Israel).
  • Ancient Greece and Rome.
  • Late Antiquity, Byzantium and Early Medieval Europe.

In addition, the department has developed strengths in:

  • Ancient Languages: Ancient Greek, Coptic Egyptian, Hebrew, Hieroglyphs and Latin.
  • The study of ancient texts and material culture.
  • Archaeological science.
  • Numismatics.

Research in the department is supported by the presence of three research centres:

  • The Centre for Ancient Cultural Heritage and Environments (CACHE).
  • The Australian Centre for Egyptology.
  • The Australian Centre for Ancient Numismatic Studies.

The department is a home for both PhD students and postdoctoral research fellows, including those holding a Macquarie Research Fellowship, and we are actively training the next generation of scholars who will develop new knowledge about the past.

Postgraduate students are supported by a number of scholarships to facilitate travel to study overseas.

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