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The Society for the Study of Early Christianity (SSEC) was established at Macquarie University within the Ancient Cultures Research Centre (ACRC). This assists SSEC to fulfill its aims through the study of the New Testament in its times, including its Jewish and Graeco/Roman context, and the development of early Christianity.

The Society was launched by the Vice-Chancellor on 8 May 1987, and a Constitution for the Society was approved by the Council of Macquarie University in December 1987.

The study of Christianity poses important historical questions and intense interest has surrounded the investigation of its origins in the first century and the early phases of its growth. Fresh information on this period continues to become available in astonishing quantities, ripe for research. Macquarie University is also committed to undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in these areas.

The Society has no ecclesiastical ties but may collaborate on academic occasions with theological colleges of all denominations and with the Jewish community.

The Chi-Rho image (above) is used as the SSEC logo.

Chi is the 22nd letter in the Greek alphabet (it looks like an "X"). Rho is the 17th letter (it looks a "P"). When Chi and Rho are shown together this forms "CHR" a short hand way of expressing the word "Christ". This is what is called a "Nomina Sacra" or an abbreviation of a sacred name.

Aims of the society

  • To encourage the study of the New Testament in its times and related topics.
  • To build up resources for this study (for example, books, papyri, coins).
  • To organise conferences, public lectures, seminars and other activities to which the Society's members are invited.
  • To circulate two Newsletters a year outlining forthcoming activities. (this changed by agreement of the SSEC committee in 2015.)
  • Please access the most recent SSEC newsletter here.


Membership is open to any person over the age of 16, within Australia or internationally, by payment of the annual subscription. Donations above this amount may be claimable as a tax deduction

  • A Visiting Fellow of high academic standing is invited to be the key speaker at the annual Conference each May.
  • If you wish the register for our next annual Conference; then phone us on (02) 9850 8844.
  • If you would like details of our upcoming events then see our Calendar of Events.

Multi-purpose form for Memberships, Renewals & Conference Payments Combined payment Form (PDF 195Kb revised 28Feb 2018)
Sign, scan and return the form via email to

Please help us keep our printing and postage costs low, please let us know your email address, so we can keep in touch electronically.

Annual membership fees

Annual Membership is payable by the end of February annually.

SSEC Membership gives a discount at the SSEC activities and a newsletter is forwarded two times a year. (SSEC committee approved this in 2015).

If you would like to become a new member of the society then print out & complete a membership form now. Note: if you use credit card payment please sign the form and return to the address on the form.

Multi-purpose form for memberships, renewals and conference payments Combined payment Form (PDF 195Kb revised 28Feb 2018)
Sign, scan and return the form via email to

Membership fee structure


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Ordinary members


Family rate


Concession (pensioner only not senior or full-time student)


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