A network of passionate teachers and learners

The Department of Ancient History collaborates with diverse partners across research, community engagement and education.

Engaging with schools and teachers

Ancient History is studied by more people in New South Wales than anywhere else in the world, via the HSC and in schools across the state. Many students from Macquarie have gone on to become teachers and the Department maintains links to a number of schools and has developed materials to support teachers.

The Department’s annual Macquarie Ancient History Teachers’ Conference attracts some 200 teachers and has been held at the New South Wales Art Gallery in recent years. Members of staff also visit schools on request.

Continuing education programme

Members of the public can attend lectures provided as part of the degree programmes of the department; and we offer a variety of subjects over the course of the year.

Our community partners

Ancient History at Macquarie University engages with a number of community partners, who focus on particular areas of the department’s portfolio of activities, and are actively involved in the organisation of events and fund-raising:


In addition, the department has benefited from a variety of donations that have for the most part supported travel by Macquarie students to study in the Mediterranean and the Levant.

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Last updated: 17 Feb 2020