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The largest Department of Ancient History in the world.

Israel, Khirbet eL-RAI excavations 2019 Dig Hebrew University archaeology excavation old city Jerusalem

Ancient History is a multi-disciplinary subject built on the study of written texts and the material remains of the past.

At Macquarie, we offer training in the languages of antiquity (Coptic Egyptian, Greek, Hebrew, Hieroglyphs, and Latin) through to the latest techniques of archaeological science.

In terms of geography, we focus on the cultures of the ancient Mediterranean, including Greece and Rome, but extend across to Middle-East and down the Nile into Egypt and Africa; going eastwards through ancient Iran and along the Silk Road to China.

Archaeological projects

We have developed archaeological field projects in Egypt, four in the Nile Valley, in Israel, in Greece, and in Croatia. Students in the Department have a range of opportunities to participate in these projects overseas.

Girl with an ancient pot at the Israel, Khirbet eL-RAI excavations 2019 Dig A unique feature of studying history at Macquarie is our commitment to Professional and Community Engagement (PACE) as part of our degrees. Students can work directly with academics on new research projects or overseas in the field to make new archaeological discoveries.

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