Doug Sutherland AM, Macquarie alumnus and donor to the VC Fund

Doug Sutherland AM, Macquarie alumnus and donor to the VC Fund

Mr Sutherland is an alumnus, former Lord Mayor of Sydney and a well-known philanthropist. He enrolled at the University in 1967, its first year of operation and he was the grateful beneficiary of a Commonwealth scholarship that paid for his fees and textbooks. Since his days at Macquarie, he has built an impressive career that’s seen him contribute hugely to the city of Sydney. A certified accountant, he has sat on a number of arts and government committees, held positions at many local government commissions and been a board member for Sydney Electricity (now Energy Australia) and the NRMA. In 1980, he was elected Lord Mayor of Sydney, an office he held for seven years.

Looking back, Mr Sutherland reflects that it was his scholarship all those years ago that helped him become one of the most influential people in the city, which in turn enabled him to serve his community.

“After years of working in governments and organisations, I know they never have enough money to meet the demands on them,” he says. “Donations for education help to encourage students and support the University’s priorities.”

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