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Macquarie University is proud of its alumni volunteers who give back to their alma mater with their time and talents. From hosting or speaking at events, mentoring students, and organising reunions, to becoming a point of contact as part of our overseas alumni networks, there are many ways for you to give back and impact your University.

Alumni and our industry partners have key knowledge, skills, experiences and networks to guide our students in transitioning to professionals.


By volunteering with MQ Health, you’ll become an important part of Australia’s first fully integrated health facility, which brings together Macquarie University Hospital, MQ Health Clinics and the University’s Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. Find out more about MQ Health's volunteering opportunities.

There are numerous volunteer opportunities with FIRST Robotics. In fact, they are looking for Macquarie alumni to help out. Competitions take place in Sydney and around Australia.  Find out more about FIRST Robotics volunteer program.

If you are interested in helping to preserve the biodiversity of our beautiful campus, Bushcare@MQ is for you. Join this group of Macquarie University staff, students and local community members to make a difference to our campus and improve your wellbeing.

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