Student giving

Student giving

Macquarie University Philanthropy Club

Be the change you want to see in the world!

Are you a student at Macquarie? Are you interested in making a difference in the world? You’ll find yourself right at home in the Macquarie University Philanthropy Club.

What is the Macquarie University Philanthropy Club?

The Macquarie University Philanthropy Club is a volunteer group run by students for students supported by the Office of Advancement, established in May 2017. The group shares a common goal to improve the world around us.

As a group, we explore issues we believe could benefit from change, and we take action to make that happen. Here are some of our philanthropic projects:

  • Random acts of kindness
  • Ways to combat loneliness
  • Student wellbeing

We also undertake fundraising projects for causes that matter to us.

The student philanthropy club meets monthly to share ideas and plan projects to improve the lives of others.

What’s in it for me?

You can bring your own skills and knowledge to the group helping other students as well as gaining skills to help your career, learning about marketing, social media, influencing and promotions.

Being a member of the group has opened doors for students to volunteer at Macquarie University charity events including the Fight on the Beaches Charity Ball and the MND Firies Climb.

The group is fun and inclusive. Everyone is welcome.

How do I get involved?

Contact student philanthropy group for more information or find us on Facebook.

Read more about the Macquarie University Philanthropy Club

Your donation to Macquarie University will help us to continue to award scholarships, embark on new projects to improve the student experience, and undertake world-class research to tackle the world’s challenges.

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