Meet the team

Meet the team


Adwar Alkhamesi

Bachelor of Laws (Honours) with Bachelor of Arts

Aleena Khan

4th Year Law student and Returned Caller

Anna Le

Bachelor of Arts majoring in Modern History and Criminology

Benjamin Murace

Applied Finance and Actuarial Studies

Brittany Smith

3rd Year Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) and Bachelor of Psychology


Caitlin Englert

2nd Year Law/Psychology(Honours) student and Returned Caller

Cong Cong Zhu

3rd Year Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Commerce student and Returned Caller

Eleanor O'Neill

2nd Year Actuarial Studies and Applied Finance and Returned Caller

Eliza Versegi

Bachelor of Arts with Media

Emama Wasim

Bachelor of Speech, Hearing and Language Sciences

Hannah Vogel

Bachelor of Ancient History student

Hanphere She

Bachelor of Actuarial Studies with Bachelor of Science (Mathematics)

Heather Johnston

1st Year Masters of Research student and Returned Caller

Inuri Wettasinghe

2nd Year Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) student and Returned Caller

Isabelle Brown

Law and Arts student

Jamal Khawaja

Bachelor of Human Science with major in Human Movement


Jason Jan

Bachelor of Science with Bachelor of Education (Secondary)

Jasminder Singh

Bachelor of Economics and Applied Finance

Jennifer Balech

2nd Year Human Sciences student and Returned Caller

Jessica Cruz

Bachelor of Applied Finance and a Bachelor of Laws

Katie Hickling

Bachelor of Commerce/ Bachelor of Arts

Loveleen Benipal

3rd Year Bachelor of Arts (Majoring in English and History) and Secondary Teaching. Returned Caller

Megan Goss

3rd Year Bachelor of Commerce with a Major in Human Resources. Returned Caller

Michael Kavanagh

3rd Year Psychology (Honours) and Returned Caller

Mohra Fazel-Ahmadzei

Bachelor of Arts with Bachelor of Laws

Narineh Borghonzian

2nd Year Bachelor of Commerce and Returned Caller

Nishtha Bhargava

Business Studies

Parth Khurana

Business and Economics student

Prabhjot Singh

3rd Year Finance and Business Information Systems and Returned Caller

Rachel Lee

Bachelor of Commerce with major in Accounting

Remalyn Burlat

3rd Year Bachelor of Commerce and Arts

Ricky Yong

3rd Year Bachelors of Business Leadership and Commerce

Rosemary Squire

Astronomy and Astrophysics

Rubina Pradhan

Masters of Communications (International Relations)

Sam Aitken

3rd Year Bachelor of Commerce/Major in Marketing and Returned Caller

Tharusha De Mel

Bachelor of Actuarial Studies

Thilaksen Arulalen

Commerce and Law


Vidushi Bhagwanani

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Mechanical Engineering


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