Turning lemons into leMoNaiD

Turning lemons into leMoNaiD

CSJ Lemonaid

Turning Lemons into Lemonaid - fighting MND one drink at a time

"MND is becoming more and more prevalent and it must be stopped."

Juliette Jones

Juliette Jones is not your typical teenager; she’s already on her way to changing the world.

At just 11 years old, and profoundly affected by the loss of her grandfather to motor neurone disease (MND), she founded CSJ LeMoNaiD, a company that aims to find a cure by raising funds for MND research at Macquarie University.

How did it start?

Juliette had a mission  “stop motor neurone disease in its tracks through the power of sour” and with a recipe she created in her mum’s kitchen, she began selling lemonade every Saturday at the Ramsgate Organic Foodies Market in Sydney.

Her passion was infectious, and word soon spread of her inspirational efforts. Remarkably, her special concoction is now bottled by an Australian company and is available nationwide.

Now aged 14, she is a champion advocate for MND fundraising and research.

“I’d like kids to become more aware of motor neurone disease,” Juliette explains. “It’s such a cruel, pointless disease and we’ll be the next generation to deal with it. It’s a scary thought. MND is becoming more and more prevalent and it must be stopped."

CSJ LeMoNaiD gives 100 per cent of its proceeds to Macquarie University.

It is currently helping to fund a Clinical Trials Coordinator position at the University, which will help research efforts immensely. Juliette is an inspiration to anyone who thinks they can’t make a difference.

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